Well that's the 2017 Donington500 over and done with. Was it fun? YOU BETCHA IT WAS!

From our point of view it worked very well, the best thing was that it was the first proper endurance race in this country for a long time. There is something very special about a team of people working together to get one bike in and out of the pits in the shortest time and of course getting that bike to the finish.

The surprising thing was that having all bikes the same (Honda CB500s to TS spec) eliminated the scary closing speeds you get in tag-endurance where you can have a Superbike spec BMW/Kawasaki closing on an old 600 or 650 twin with a 50mph speed differential.

The marshals found it far more entertaining because of the closeness of the racing and the atmosphere in pitlane was superb, thanks to the great attitude of all participants.

Congratulations to John Haslam O'Toole (Team Captain) 'Clip n Climb Racing', Josh Leaning (Team Captain) of 'The Winterton Wobblers' and Peter John Bardell (Team Captain) of 'Gin or Bin Racing' on the result.

The Winterton Wobblers actually lost that race at the start, being the last away by 34 seconds (losing margin was 36 seconds with last lap being 3 seconds off their best) - now that would have been a finish to watch!

Thanks to Bob Adams (Donington Park Sporting Director for making it all possible.
The only question left to answer really is:- Do you want to do it all again next year?