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IMAGE Rockingham International Speedway now uploaded to the i-player
All 3 TV shows from Rockingham International Speedway are now uploaded to thundersport i-player   Read More...
BEST TURNED OUT BIKE AWARDS   Such is the high standard of machines presented at ThundersportGB events, that Technical & Noise Control Officer Rodger Wadey came up with the idea at Oulton Park that we should have a ‘Best Turned Out Bike Award’ at each event in recognition.   Dave & I thought this to be a particularly good idea &... Read More...
IMAGE Oulton Park now uploaded to i-player
All 3 Oulton Park TV shows can be accessed via the thundersport i-player     Read More...
IMAGE Aprilia Superteens the ONLY place to start your racing career!
So… 2-strokes are dead? Errr, we don't think so... Want to start your 12-18yr old youngun racing? But not got the budget of Repsol Honda? Then this is STILL the best place to be... AND STILL the most successful one make series in the world!   You can pick up a pre-used full race package for just £2,000! ...and it's dead easy to get... Read More...
IMAGE Cadwell Park now on i-player
ALL Cadwell Park TV shows can now be accessed on thundersport i-player   Read More...
IMAGE Andy Lawson
It is with great regret that I must confirm reports of the passing of Andy Lawson after an accident at the Ulster Grand Prix on Saturday 8th August. The incident occurred whilst competing in the second Supersport race, after which Andy tragically succumbed to his injuries.   Andy from Arbroath in Scotland was a regular competitor for several... Read More...
IMAGE Snetterton 2015 now on i-player
Snetterton 2015 all now uploaded to the i-player... Get your fill right now CLICK HERE                     AND NEVER FORGET: There's ONE THING that makes ThundersportGB what it is today... YOU! The people that make it all happen...   Photos courtesy of Colin Port Images   Read More...
IMAGE Donington Park National now on i-player
THUNDERSPORT THURSDAY on MotorsTV!   THUNDERSPORT THURSDAY 1:(FreeviewHD Ch71-Freeview Broadband Ch240-Sky447-Virgin545)9.00pm Thundersport Elite from Donington Park featuring:Stewart Events Thundersport GP1/Stock1000-2 racesGBRacing 600 Sportsman Elite-F600 & Stock600-2 racesA&R Racing/Continental Pre-National Sport600-2 races10.35pm GP... Read More...
IMAGE Michael McKenzie
  It is with great regret that I must confirm reports of the passing of Michael McKenzie after an accident at Donington Park on Sunday 12th April. The incident occurred at the Craner Curve section on the 8th lap of the Stocktwins race shortly before midday. Immediate trackside assistance was implemented from the specialist trauma team and Michael... Read More...
IMAGE Brands Hatch 2015 now on i-player
. THUNDERSPORT THURSDAY 19th March MotorsTV Ch71 FreeviewHD, 240 Freeview Broadband, Sky447, Virgin545   9.35pm THUNDERSPORT ELITE (90 minutes) featuring: Stewart Events Thundersport GP1-Stock1000-Pre-Nat1000-2 races GBRacing 600 Sportsman Elite-F600-Stock600-2 races A&R Racing/Continental - Pre-Nat Sport 600-2 races NOW ON thundersport... Read More...
IMAGE Mark Marquez eat your heart out... Are YOU missing an advertising opportunity?
Mark Marquez eat your heart out   This is Adam Reavill ThundersportGB's 2014 A&R Racing-Continental Pre-National Sport 600 Champion at Brands Hatch Druids Hairpin last weekend. Yes you read it correctly! Just last year he was a NON National Licence holder and won what is effectively our 600 rookie series at his first attempt.   Bear in mind... Read More...





Thundersport i-player



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IN Competition Aprilia RRV450GP Challenge & LMB F400-2 races

IN Competition Dunlop Aprilia Superteen Challenge-2 races

HMT Racing/Avon GP2-Supertwins & Stocktwins-2 races
 Thundersport GB Brands Hatch 2015




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Stewart Events GP1/Stock 1000/Pre-Nat Sport 1000-2 races

GBRacing 600 Sportsman Elite-2 races

A&R Racing/Continental Pre-National Sport 600-2 races

Thundersport GB Brands Hatch 2015





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