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IMAGE GBRacing 600 Sportsman Elite & GBRacing British Military Inter-Services Championships
Thundersport GB are delighted to announce GBRacing again as continued sponsors of the: GBRacing British Military Inter-Services Championships in 2015 AND NOW ALSO: The GBRacing 600 Sportsman Elite Championships too! (inc. GBRacing F600 & GBRacing Superstock 600)   GBRacing, the experts in premier motorcycle crash protection have supported... Read More...
IMAGE Reactive Parts takes 2015 Title Sponsorship of Thundersport GP1
. REACTIVE PARTS THUNDERSPORT GP1   ThundersportGB are delighted to announce REACTIVE PARTS as the Thundersport GP1, Superstock 1000 & Pre-National 1000 title sponsor for 2015             REACTIVE PARTS is one of the UK’s leading Motorcycle Performance Parts outlets, supplying premium race equipment to factory racing teams in MotoGP,... Read More...
IMAGE A&R Racing Pre-National Sport 600 Championship Supported by Continental Tyres
: A&R Racing Pre-National Sport 600 Supported by Continental Tyres   Thundersport GB are delighted to announce A&R Racing Services & Continental Tyres continue as 2015 title sponsors for: The Pre-National Sport 600 Championship.   Continental Motorcycle Tyres have recently introduced a full range of  road racing tyres which... Read More...
IMAGE HMT Racing renews association with Thundersport GB & Sponsors GP2 Supertwins
Thundersport GB are delighted to announce HMT Racing as Title Sponsor for the HMT Racing GP2 Supertwins Championship and paddock supplier for 2015...   Mark and Mick of Holbeach Motorcycle Tyres, along with their fantastic team, are a regular and welcome feature of the Thundersport GB paddock, supplying and fitting tyres of ALL marques.    ... Read More...
IMAGE IN Competition, Thundersport GB & The Aprilia Challenge
: Series co-ordinator IN Competition run by Ian & Myra Newton, continues to bring The Aprilia Challenge to Thundersport GB for the 7th year running, although it has to revealed they've actually had full charge of Superteens since the mid nineties at MRO & BSB, before bringing the series to Thundersport GB in 2008.   Many thanks to:... Read More...
IMAGE Sparklight Racing Golden Era Superbike & Golden Era Supersport Championships
SPARKLIGHT RACING Continuees as sole 2015 series sponsor for both The Golden Era Superbike Championship AND The Golden Era Supersport Championship (both on their own grids for 2015!)   This again guarantees TV & Thundersport i-Player coverage for both classes next year. Sparklight Garry is the most accommodating fella you'll ever meet and... Read More...
 POST BROADCAST UPDATE:   Well, it seems the broadcast was a great success! So we'll do another next month, date & time to follow...                                                                             Thundersport Thursday December 4th 8-10pm   RADIO THUNDERSPORT's 1st online 'talk' broadcast! ... Read More...
IMAGE Adam Reavill
    A&R Racing Pre-National Sport 600 Champion  
IMAGE Alex Heaton
  The Bike Insurer Thundersport GP1 AND Superstock 1000 Champion   Read More...
IMAGE Ben Luxton
IN Competition Aprilia RRV450GP Champion  
IMAGE Carl Smalley
    Buff Headwear Thundersport500 Champion  
IMAGE Curtis Wright
  The Van Insurer 600 Sportsman Elite AND Superstock 600 Champion   Read More...
IMAGE Dan Taylor
      Alto Digital Minitwin Champion  
IMAGE Daniel Booth
  Aprilia Superteen Nitro Newcomer Champion  
IMAGE Georgina Polden
    Buffera British Womens Champion  
IMAGE Jamie Pearson
    Sparklight Racing Golden Era Supersport Champion  
IMAGE Joe Sheldon Shaw
    LMB Formula 400 Champion  
IMAGE Keith Warren
    Isle Of Man Race Products Streetfighter C Champion  
IMAGE Kris Sanders
    2014 GB Racing British Military Inter Services Champion  
IMAGE Martin Stanier
Isle Of Man Race Products Streetfighter Xtreme Champion  

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GP Racing Dream (90mins)

IN Competition Aprilia RRV450GP Challenge

Dunlop Superteen Challenge

Bridgestone GP2-Supertwins & Minitwins
 Thundersport GB Anglesey 2014



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Bike Insurer GP1/Stock 1000/Pre-Nat Sport 1000

Van Insurer 600 Sportsman Elite

Thundersport GB

Anglesey 2014



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