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Some of our programme articles for your general interest


pdf 76 The Kids are Alright Popular

By 583 downloads

Download (pdf, 1.07 MB)

British Youth Academy.pdf

A short article about the future of youth racing.

pdf 77 Banana Boy Newtons Cycle Adventure Popular

By 2017 downloads

Download (pdf, 231 KB)

77 Banana Boy Newtons Cycle Adventure.pdf

A light-hearted look at the Rockingham Charity Cycle Race

pdf 78 Rapido Lento Popular

By 2062 downloads

Download (pdf, 391 KB)

78 Rapido Lento.pdf

Going Fast - Slowly (rider progression at the right time)

pdf 79 Minority Report Popular

By 1930 downloads

Download (pdf, 443 KB)

79 Minority Report.pdf

Targeting the viable motorcycle audience, in the right places.

pdf 80 Raising the Bar Popular

By 1886 downloads

Download (pdf, 343 KB)

80 Raising the Bar.pdf

MSV are now the standard by which all venues are judged.

pdf 81 Still Crazy Popular

By 1794 downloads

Download (pdf, 327 KB)

81 Still Crazy.pdf

Mad ideas are still relevant.

pdf 82 Dare to be Different Popular

By 1826 downloads

Download (pdf, 314 KB)

82 Dare to be different.pdf

A Race Meeting should be more than that, it should also be an EVENT

pdf 83 Something for the weekend sir... Popular

By 1763 downloads

Download (pdf, 438 KB)

83 Something for the weekend sir.pdf

Motorcycle engine protection

pdf 84 When Carbs were King Popular

By 1868 downloads

Download (pdf, 425 KB)

84 When Carbs were King.pdf

Superbike Racing before fuel injection took over the world

pdf 85 Crisis, what crisis... Popular

By 2937 downloads

Download (pdf, 394 KB)

85 Crisis, what Crisis.pdf

Heads in the sand, or a realistic outlook on the sport?

pdf 86 Sounding Off Popular

By 2087 downloads

Download (pdf, 416 KB)

86 Sounding Off.pdf

What's the smartest way to design an exhaust?

pdf 87 The Buzzzzz Popular

By 1620 downloads

Download (pdf, 268 KB)

87 The Buzzzzz (1).pdf

We ride bikes just because they're so much fun!

pdf 88 The Delicate Sound of Thunder Popular

By 1628 downloads

Download (pdf, 312 KB)

The Delicate Sound of Thunder.pdf

Are we killing our sport by ignoring the big noise issue?

pdf 89 The Only Ones Who Know Popular

By 1885 downloads

Download (pdf, 381 KB)

The Only Ones Who Know.pdf

Ever wondered why racers treat everyone else differently?

pdf 90 State of the Union Popular

By 1949 downloads

Download (pdf, 829 KB)

ts4-7 State of the Union.pdf

A short article on the position of Motorcycle racing in 2012

pdf 91 Where's the Fire? Popular

By 2085 downloads

Download (pdf, 234 KB)

Where's the Fire.pdf

The dangers of jumping up in class too soon.

pdf 92 Straight as an arrow Popular

By 2086 downloads

Download (pdf, 693 KB)

Straight as an Arrow.pdf

How to check that your bike is straight

pdf 93 Sharp as a Razor Popular

By 2386 downloads

Download (pdf, 574 KB)

Sharp as a Razor.pdf

Handling Characteristics

pdf 94 Shock Treatment Popular

By 2514 downloads

Download (pdf, 499 KB)

Shock treatment.pdf

Understanding your suspension.

pdf 95 The Limit of Adhesion Popular

By 2836 downloads

Download (pdf, 531 KB)

The Limit of Adhesion.pdf

Understanding your tyres and contact patch

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