ThundersportGB are delighted to announce that will be title sponsor for GP2 Supertwins & Stocktwins for the 2020 season, securing the class for yet another year...



Van Glass Managing Director Adrian Teasdale and his lovely wife Sue are no strangers to the ThundersportGB paddock and the last few years has seen Adrian competing in Golden Era Superbikes, Thundersport500 and Golden Era Supersport.


In 2020 he himself will race within the Van glass GP2 Championship too and says:


"We as a company are over the moon to be invited to be involved at this level with ThundersportGB. The series sponsorship fits very well with our plans and we know it will add value to both our brands. It seems a good omen that I had already bought a Stocktwin and registered for the class before this deal was even on the table.

We will of course have preferential deals available for all ThundersportGB members too!"


ThundersportGB Director Syd Richard-Day said:


"Superb feather in our cap to have Adrian and his great team at Van Glass onboard for this in 2020. Everyone who races needs a van and converting part of them to fit windows etc. obviously fits hand-in-glove with what we both do. Van Glass can supply to absolutely anywhere and also have a highly professional fitting service too. Just click on the above or below pictures to navigate directly to their website or call 01228 810018"


Pic: Sales Director Lucy Teasdale & Managing Director Adrian Teasdale