Go Motorcycle Racing - Getting Started


So, you want to go Road Racing…..

…we’re here to help


8 Wheeler at Mallory



 Working out which machine you can start racing on

and what qualifications you need to have (including

your age) can be a headache when you first want to

go Road Racing.


It has been likened to having to ride an old Honda C90

with flat tyres, across London, blindfolded in the rush

hour and then having to sit "The Knowledge”


It’s not actually like that at all.


Don’t worry, it’s dead easy

(with a bit of help from your friends)


ThundersportGB IS that friend and below are 5 short videos plus written tips

below those on EXACTLY what to do which will make it feel a whole lot easier,

some will prefer to watch the videos, some the text, some both formats.

Whichever you choose to do, if you get stuck on anything, or have a question,

don't be afraid to pick up the phone and give us a call on 01509 678888.

NEVER believe your questions may be stupid, there ARE no stupid questions,

only stupid answers to questions and you won't get any stupid answers here!


Please note: These videos were shot back in 2015 and despite no fee increases in the entire 10yrs since the inception of ThundersportGB. For 2018 due to continued associated costs, some rises in fees have become unavoidable, therefore and most poignantly, the 'one stop shop' is now priced at £150


The 'TV' coverage of the series has also changed and will differ to that laid out in the videos. It is now limited to thundersport i-player within this website, YouTube and across many social media platforms to keep pace with changing times and viewing habits...



So You Want To Be A Motorcycle Racer Tutorial Video 1


So you want to be a motorcycle racer?

PART 1 Application & Paperwork




So You Want To Be A Motorcycle Racer Tutorial Video 2


So you want to be a motorcycle racer?

PART 2 The costs involved in starting




So You Want To Be A Motorcycle Racer Tutorial Video 3


So you want to be a motorcycle racer?

PART 3 Your first race meeting




So You Want To Be A Motorcycle Racer Tutorial Video 4 


So you want to be a motorcycle racer?

PART 4 Machine Technical Control




So You Want To Be A Motorcycle Racer Tutorial Video 5



So you want to be a motorcycle racer?


Qualifying, warm-up laps, race start,

last lap and race finish procedures




1) Completing the Licence Form – Degree of difficulty 1/10 (simple)

Download an ACU 2018 Road Race Licence Form from either the ACU website or the Thundersport GB – document centre. This is a 4 page document, but filling it in is very easy.

On page 1:-

Fill in your name, address and date of birth information above Section 1 and clip a passport sized photograph to the form. Please write your name and date of birth on the back of the photograph.


In Section One, simply put a cross in the box next to “Novice” (or “Intermediate Novice” if you have a Full Class-A DVLA motorcycle licence – a copy of this must then be attached to the form) and tick the “Orange vest” column (you must wear an orange vest until you have lost your newcomers status). Don’t fill in anything else.

Although the Orange Vest is priced at £7 you will not be charged this with your first application.


In Section Two, put in your payment details. You can pay by card or cheque.


On page 2:-

In Section Three, put a tick against each of the 12 questions. If you are fit and healthy, you should be ticking “No” on every box.

Remember to sign this declaration as it is a legal document.


In Section Four, your Doctor or any optician should be able to pass your eyesight as 6/6 with “normal” colour vision WITH your glasses worn if required. This is your corrected vision, not your unaided vision. Get the optician/doctor to sign and place their official stamp in the boxes.


In Section Five, you do not need to fill in anything, unless you have ticked “Yes” to anything in section three, or are over 70 years of age.


Section Six spans the bottom of page 3 and goes on to page 4. This is the Legal Declaration and you must sign and date it in the boxes provided.

ONLY if you are under 18 years of age, get your parent or legal guardian to sign and date the “Minors Declaration” here – otherwise just sign the riders part.


Section Seven - You will now see that there is a new section for the Recognised Training Body to sign and stamp to indicate that you have successfully undertaken an ACU Competitor Training Course (classroom based) and an ACU Basic Rider Assessment (track based) – these boxes must be completed before your Licence Application can be processed. See below for information.


CTC and BRA Courses are available throughout the season and the dates/venues can be obtained by calling the Road Race Department at the ACU HQ – 01788 566405-6 Michelle or Rowena will be pleased to help you find a course.


Simple so far?................



2) Joining a Road Racing Club or Organisation – Degree of difficulty 1/10 (simple)

Once you have decided which series you want to race in (Thundersport GB of course), apply for or download the appropriate registration form. You can also do this online - even on your smart phone on the Thundersport GB website www.thundersportgb.com

It is quite normal to join more than one club or organisation and joining any organisation does not commit you to competing at all or any rounds, you are free to do as much or as little as you wish or can afford. Each club or organisation will send you the individual Entry Forms automatically or give you the links to enable you to download them or even apply for your races online.

For your first licence application you must use the paper system, as the Recognised Training Body will need to see proof that you are actually applying for a licence. Fill in the registration form and send it TOGETHER with your ACU Road Race Licence Application to the address on the registration form.

You will see on our form that we do two different types of membership, “Premier” and “Standard”, they are both racing memberships and the only difference is that “Premier” riders get £20 discount on each race entry. This makes it cheaper over the course of the season if you intend to compete in more than 4 of our events.


Still simple?................


3) Completing a compulsory Competitor Training Course (CTC) – Degree of difficulty less than 1/10 (very simple)

Every new applicant has to complete one of these very straightforward theory courses. They are also compulsory for any rider who has let their race licence lapse for a period of 5 years or more.


4) Completing a compulsory Basic Rider Assessment (BRA) – Degree of difficulty 1/10 (very simple)

Every new Road Race Competitor must undergo a very simple on track training process. This is not to assess whether or not you are the next Valentino Rossi, it is merely to ensure that you have adequate machine control to be able to race safely and to ensure that you are familiar with the race start procedure, together with a basic understanding of lines and braking points.

You do not have to impress anyone with your lap times.


Thundersport GB provide two days pre-season where we operate a complete “One Stop Shop” where you can walk in without a licence or membership and walk out 8 hours later as a fully licenced Road Racer. The booking forms are available on our website or by telephoning or emailing our office. These courses are extremely popular and fill up very quickly so we are not able to accommodate riders who have not pre-booked.

Our school day for 2019 is:-

Friday 1st March 2019 at Mallory Park

You can do the theory test on Thursday 28th February 2019 if you want to take advantage of a full days testing on 1st March too if you wish.


These courses can include all of these elements:-


On Track Assessment (BRA).


Complete Competitor Training Course (CTC).


Eyesight Report.


ACU Licence Application.


Thundersport GB Registration.


General motorcycle testing (after course is completed).


(or any combination of the above)


The CTC paper itself is a simple multi choice exercise designed to make sure that you understand the flags and course conduct taught during the day. It is very easy and if you have read this far, you will have no problems with it whatsoever.


How easy was that?...................


So now you’re ready to go racing, but what kind of bike are you best suited to?


When you get your first Road Race Licence, you will either be classified as a “Novice” or an “Intermediate Novice” rider. The only difference is that an “Intermediate Novice” rider will be over 18 years old and in possession of a Full Class A – DVLA road licence and is therefore not subject to any machine capacity restrictions.

There is a table of licence grades, ages, machines and restrictions on the ACU website but if you are unsure after reading that, please give us a call on 01509 809530 and we will do our best to advise you on what suits your age and budget.


Connor Tagg & Will Hodgson







Dave, Bernadette, Syd, Jan

& the whole Thundersport GB team




Come join us... We think you'll like the way we do it!