Thundersport GB are delighted to announce DUNLOP as Title Sponsor for

The Thundersport500Sportsman/Elite Championships and

HMT Racing as Official Dunlop Paddock Supplier and Title Sponsor of

The Thundersport500 Seniors/Freshman Championships for 2018g


Mark & Sophie Wright of Holbeach Motorcycle Tyres, along with their fantastic team, are a regular and welcome feature of the Thundersport GB paddock, supplying and fitting tyres of ALL marques, but specialising Dunlop.



07733 324640


They are also the nominated supplier for the subsidised Dunlop Alpha 13SP control tyres (and the wet equivalents) at only £179 per set fitted in the Thundersport500 Championships and will be present at every one of the 8 rounds.



Dunlop's goal is to supply/fit/balance Dunlop Tyres within the ThundersportGB at the keenest prices possible, so please order from Mark by text or email at least 10 days prior to each event to guarantee supply and effect this goal.


Be aware that the prices are specifically intended for the ThundersportGB paddock only...


Thundersport500 Tyre Prizes:
12 different riders will be selected at random to receive a prize tyre, which will be issued free of charge at every third event during 2018. This is a one-off job, meaning 36 different riders will gain a free tyre over the course of the season by way of raffle effect.



Thundersport GB Director & Marketing exec Syd Richard-Day says:


"Many thanks to Dunlop, plus Mark & Sophie for their decision to continue their Thundersport GB support for yet another year, this helps us secure the future of the best series in the country (probably the world) & it's riders.

The HMT Racing team along with Dunlop do a great and professional job & nothing seems to much trouble.

A smiling face & a firm handshake will always greet you at HMT's set-up & we certainly look forward to an exciting 2018 partnership with them once again"