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Mark Marquez eat your heart out


This is Adam Reavill ThundersportGB's 2014 A&R Racing-Continental Pre-National Sport 600 Champion at Brands Hatch Druids Hairpin. Yes you read it correctly! Just the year before he was a NON National Licence holder and won what is effectively our 600 rookie series at his first attempt.


Bear in mind though, whilst he is seen in this shot wildly almost scraping his elbow (and remember this is NO £1m worth of MotoGP machine!), like many riders at this level, by the looks of his rather blank white fairings, there's some serious talent and thereby major advertising opportunities going completely to waste without full commercial support for him and his monumental efforts.


If YOU have a company or business that requires a big public awareness shot in the arm, why not look for a rider like Adam to sponsor? ThundersportGB has SO much Social Media coverage, with over 7 hours of TV shows per event (9 events at major circuits right across the country see Dates 2017) screened right across the world to Australia, Canada, USA, Asia and South American on our i-player + YouTube and facebook media platforms. Don't forget, you can now also watch ALL the live timing direct with TSL AND listen to our circuit commentary live on Radio Thundersport!


You only have to speak to James Folkard's sponsors (left), they have already felt the many benefits of sponsoring him over the years he has been racing with ThundersportGB...


We have a huge pool of talent in this country and as you'll see from the first TV broadcasts you enjoy, most of it resides RIGHT HERE at ThundersportGB...





Folkard on his Avon 3D Ultras


The fastest growing motorcycle race series in Great Britain.


MAKE USE OF IT! Sponsor a ThundersportGB rider today, don't just think about it, do it! You'll never look back...






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