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After much work in the background, we can now give you all a few updates which should give you all a greater degree of certainty for the remainder of a most unusual 2020 race season with Thundersport GB.
Firstly, our calendar has now been adjusted with Mallory Park replacing Anglesey but on a new date.
As an organisation we love Anglesey, but with the devolved Welsh Government taking a different approach to the rest of the UK we found ourselves in a position where we could not establish the correct level of certainty over that event.
In agreement with the management of the circuit we have had to accept that we will have to wait until 2021 to enjoy the great racing and stunning scenery that Anglesey provides.
We have now secured a replacement event at one of our other favourite venues Mallory Park on the new date of 5th & 6th September. This will be a straight 2 day race meeting with no Friday test day due to local planning issues at the moment.
The revised and confirmed calendar is now:-
Donington Park – 25th & 26th July (with Friday test day @ 98Dba)
Mallory Park – 5th & 6th September (Saturday & Sunday racing only)
Oulton Park – 26th September (Saturday racing with Friday test day)
Cadwell Park – 24th & 25th October (with Friday test day)
The final round at Cadwell Park remains a Double Points round as the Championship Finals and Oulton Park as usual retains the Silver & Gold points format as a one day event.
Yes, it will be a 7 round championship consisting of 500 points maximum (all 7 days racing count for all riders).
At the moment we are planning on awarding the Championship Trophies at the final event of the season at Cadwell Park, unless the Covid-19 threat has gone by then.
Entries will now open for each event approximately one month prior to the first day of each meeting.
This is to ensure that we can continually update our legal paperwork as the situation in the country changes with the latest Government Advice and/or Legislation.
All registered riders will receive an email reminder a couple of days before each event goes live with the correct links to the relevant entry forms.
We envisage that the venues will allow spectators at these events with certain restrictions.
As this is a venue function and not an organisers function, we suggest that you visit the relevant venue website for the most up to date information.
All of the venues have worked very hard to get to this stage and we must all follow the guidance notices that they publish regularly to ensure we comply with any changes.
New Things You Will Need In Order To Make Everything Work Smoothly
You will shortly receive via email quite a few new documents, some of which you will be familiar with, such as Timetables & Final Instructions, and some which will be new to you.
The new documents are the ones that are designed to ensure that we can carry on racing in a safe environment without falling foul of some of the issues that have kept other sports/pastimes from getting back to what they enjoy.
Please take the time to read them so that you understand the constraints and the solutions that we have put in place to ensure we can operate without challenge in this “New Normal” world.
To fully comply with all of the new protocols, every rider will need the following:-
1) Your Own Pen.
This is for you to use at Technical Control and at Race Administration so that there is no risk of cross contamination between you and another rider or official.
2) A Face Mask.
You will need to have your own face mask which you will need to use where the correct level of Social Distancing is not possible. You will not be required to wear it unless Social Distancing is not possible (for example when carrying out machine repairs in close proximity to a colleague, or if you need to visit Race Administration at any time).
3) Hand Sanitiser.
You should have your own Hand Sanitiser in your awning or workspace and ensure that your team members or visitors use it regularly.
4) A Large Helping of Self Responsibility and a Sense of Humour.
I know all of the above isn’t normal, but we can do it, and we need to do it, without losing that essential buzz that going racing is all about.
I’m not trying to take the fun out of this, although Lord Knows there have been times during the course of updating and creating over 320 pages of documents have left me without much joy.
Once we get those bikes going round again and the adrenalin starts to flow, all of this will fade into the background.
These first three items cost next to nothing in racing terms, but they will serve to demonstrate our overarching responsible attitude.
If you can't find item number 4, try looking under the bed or behind the sofa, but make sure it's in the van before you travel please.
I promise not to let Syd play "Hall of Fame" on the podium, although I can't guarantee that "Thunderstruck" won't make an appearance.....
We are really looking forward to seeing you all again.
Kind Regards
Dave, Bernadette, Syd, Janet and the whole Thundersport Team.
IMAGE ThundersportGB 2021 Series Registration (now live)
ThundersportGB 2021 Series Registration (now live)   Following on from a very unusual, yet ultimately successful 2020 season, which we just managed to squeeze in right at the end of October...   We now begin the process of taking registrations for the 2021 season.   The process for retaining your race number remains the same, provided you are... Read More...
THUNDERSPORT GB 2020 - UPDATED & CONFIRMED CALENDAR   After much work in the background, we can now give you all a few updates which should give you all a greater degree of certainty for the remainder of a most unusual 2020 race season with Thundersport GB. Firstly, our calendar has now been adjusted with Mallory Park replacing Anglesey but... Read More...
IMAGE Brake Lever Guards from GB Racing
          GB RACING, SPONSORS OF THUNDERSPORT GP1 PRESENTS:   DEALER & TEAMS PRODUCT RELEASE — JUNE 12 2020   A completely new product from GBRacing to conform with the various motorcycle sport governing bodies' requirement for protection to the brake lever to improve safety.   Made with our patented long-glass material and designed... Read More...
      GREAT NEWS! DONINGTON PARK – 24/25/26 JULY is GO!!!!!!   If you have already entered online, you will be sent an email next week to confirm your attendance or otherwise. All entrants will also be sent a new Declaration to reflect the ACU updates reference Covid-19 measures that will be in place at the event, you WILL need to respond to... Read More...
IMAGE Round 1 Brands Hatch CANCELLED
                                            17th March 2020   This is one of the most difficult, yet also in some ways the simplest, notices we have ever had to distribute.   CANCELLATION – BRANDS HATCH 27th to 29th March 2020 Unfortunately, due to the latest government advice, we are forced to concede defeat and cancel... Read More...
IMAGE VAN-GLASS, Supplier of Windows Ideal For Your Race Van
Van-Glass: ThundersportGB GP2 Sponsor and Supplier of Windows Ideal For Your Race Van Van-Glass is a family-run business based in Carlisle, Cumbria specialising in the supply of high-quality aftermarket side and rear windows for a range of vans including VW Transporter T4, T5, and T6, Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Master, Ford Transit, and many more.... Read More...
IMAGE TW Suspension Tech in association with ThundersportGB for 2020
TW Suspension Tech team up with ThundersportGB as official series sponsor & technical partner again in 2020     TW Suspension Tech are proud to be supporting the Thundersport GB Paddock again during 2020, in addition to becoming series title sponsor for the 600 Sportsman Elite Championship   Providing the paddock with professional... Read More...
IMAGE BeMoto Insurance Golden Era SBK Cup
ThundersportGB is delighted to welcome back BeMoto Motorbike Insurance as 2020 TITLE SPONSOR to our GOLDEN ERA SUPERBIKE CUP which will run alongside GB Racing GP1 Classics Championship on the same grid (note: GE SBK Cup entrants also score points in the GP1 Classics in addition to their own class).   Not only are Bemoto's services a truly... Read More...
IMAGE 2019 Champions
2019 ThundersportGB Champions                
IMAGE Introduce a friend to ThundersportGB and land £70!
We've all seen those special offers that reward new customers, which really irritate me personally. So we thought we'd put a different spin on it and reward our regular customers instead.   Syd and I were discussing the issue of why brand new racers think that the pace at Thundersport GB is too fast for them. Whilst we are probably the most... Read More...
IMAGE Van Glass sponsors GP2 Supertwins & Stocktwins
VAN GLASS GP2 SUPERTWINS & STOCKTWINS ThundersportGB are delighted to announce that van-glass.co.uk will be title sponsor for GP2 Supertwins & Stocktwins for the 2020 season, securing the class for yet another year...     Van Glass Managing Director Adrian Teasdale and his lovely wife Sue are no strangers to the ThundersportGB paddock... Read More...
DUNLOP UK & THUNDERSPORT GB PRESS RELEASE Dunlop UK have just announced an exciting extension of their support for the Thundersport 500 race series, with a new contract being signed with ThundersportGB to see the championship run a new Dunlop control tyre for a further 2 years. The tyre maker’s partnership started back in 2016 and has... Read More...
IMAGE 2020 Calendar With Venues & Costs Released
  ThundersportGB 2020 Calendar Note that the Mallory Park school/test day has been moved to Friday 6th March (Marshals training the following day at Mallory Park - Saturday 7th March)   Yes, It's that time of year and time to renew / update Registrations for the 2020 season again!   Thundersport GB 2020 Form is here; 2020 ThundersportGB... Read More...
IMAGE GB Racing GP1 Sportsman Elite & GBRacing British Military Inter-Services Championships 2020
Thundersport GB are delighted to announce GBRacing once again as continued sponsors of: The GBRacing British Military Inter-Services Championships and The GBRacing GP1 Sportsman Elite Championships in 2020     GBRacing, the experts in premier motorcycle crash protection have supported Thundersport GB since inception and their name alone... Read More...















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