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ThundersportGB is ecstatic to announce it will be hosting 2 of the 4 GP Originals Championship at our Brands Hatch and Donington Park events during 2019!


Race your 250cc or 350cc
Post Classic Grand Prix two-stroke!


The 1970s and early ’80s was an exciting time for motorcycle Grand Prix – probably the last time privateers had a genuine chance of mixing it with works bikes. GP Originals presents the sights, sounds and smells of this Post Classic racing era.


The Series has been inspired by the motorcycles featured in the Hailwood Trophy. The prestigious event is held at the Goodwood Members’ Meeting and highlights GP machines such as the ubiquitous Yamaha TZ250 and TZ350.


GP Originals has four of the best UK circuits booked for 2019 and they have an incredible gang of sponsors along for the ride!


This means a cash prize fund of £6,975 which riders will fight for right down to 5th in both 250 and 350 classes. Competitors over 55 can also win cash down to 3rd in their own field... At the end of the season riders in the 250, 350 and 'Masters' classes will share a significant cash pot, plus valuable product vouchers from various series sponsors.


It's not all just about winners either, they have over £10,000 worth of products, vouchers and incentive rewards to distribute throughout the field. From simply getting your entry in early, to special achievements. There is something to benefit every race budget.


For more detail go to:



Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook messenger http://m.me/gporiginalsracing




GP Originals co-ordinater Sian Brooks says:

"Over the years at the more established Clubs and Series, bigger forks and later fairings crept in on these machines and the bikes started to lose their heritage – so, our aim is to bring it all back to look how they used to be and build GP Originals into a showcase of much more period machines within the constraints of availability and current racing regulations.

Back in the day, no-one ever bought a GP bike and raced it out of the box, so we allow typical period upgrades. For example: magnesium wheels and aftermarket frames by Maxton, Spondon or Harris amongst others. #66 is Cameron Harris, the son of Lester Harris who made the frames
The racing experience of competitors on our grid span five decades. Derek Skinner and Dave Cooper, for example, have been riding these two-stroke machines for more than 75 seasons between them. Our line-up boasts several Manx Grand Prix winners including Glen English, Ewan Hamilton, Gary Vines and Chris Moore.
-Everyone is on treaded Avon Tyres, no slicks or wets. One tyre for all conditions-
I am pretty sure this is the biggest, dedicated grid for post classic two-strokes anywhere – I’m cautious about saying 'the World' but I haven’t heard of anything else like it anywhere. All the the other options are mixed-races.
I'm delighted that at the time this post was going to press, we already had twelve 250's entered into ThundersportGB Brands Hatch!
This is quite a big deal as there’s not been such an interest in the 250s for years. This can be attributed to the quality of the riders last year, they were all fast and Gary won the race in Portimao outright. Eclipsing the big horsepower of the two fastest 350s in the country. Everyone loved watching Fernando who was very fast and entertaining – he has Rich Grinling out on his bike this year and will be with him at every round.
Steve and I have Martin Wimmer helping us out – winner of three Grand Prix and a factory Yamaha rider on these TZ250Ls we both ride. He is aiming to be at Brands.
#4 Mike Farrall’s Maxton is a project with his great friend Grand Prix racer and 8-times TT winner, Charlie Williams. The bike replicates Charlie’s original livery. Charlie is usually with Mike at the meetings so hopefully will also be there.
Procuring 2 of ThundersportGB's rounds to display our wares is yet another feather in our cap, it is probably the best run motorcycle racing organisation available today...  Many thanks to  the Thundersport team for accommodating us!"
IMAGE 2020 Calendar Released
  ThundersportGB 2020 Calendar Note that the Mallory Park school/test day has been moved to Friday 6th March (Marshals training the following day at Mallory Park - Saturday 7th March)   Yes, It's that time of year and time to renew / update Registrations for the 2020 season again!   Thundersport GB 2020 Form is here; 2020 ThundersportGB... Read More...
IMAGE Bass Tyre Services Sponsor GP3 Superteens
ThundersportGB is delighted to announce that Bass Tyre Services Ltd have become 2019 title sponsor to The GP3 Superteens Championship and will thus be known from here on as:       The Bass Tyre Services GP3 Superteens Championship         Bass Tyre Services was established in May 2000 and has two sites: Banbury Road in Scunthorpe, North... Read More...
IMAGE GP Originals hosted by ThundersportGB
  ThundersportGB is ecstatic to announce it will be hosting 2 of the 4 GP Originals Championship at our Brands Hatch and Donington Park events during 2019!   Race your 250cc or 350cc Post Classic Grand Prix two-stroke!     The 1970s and early ’80s was an exciting time for motorcycle Grand Prix – probably the last time privateers had a... Read More...
IMAGE Crowe Performance GP1 Sport 1000
ThundersportGB is absolutely delighted to welcome Crowe Performance as Title Sponsor to the latest class to enhance the ThundersportGB GP1 Structure...   Under our 2018 rules, those riders were automatically classified as Thundersport GP1 Sportsman competitors, due to the three tier nature of that particular class structure.   This meant joining... Read More...
IMAGE BeMoto Insurance Golden Era SBK Cup
ThundersportGB is delighted to welcome BeMoto Motorbike Insurance as TITLE SPONSOR to our GOLDEN ERA SUPERBIKE CUP which will run alongside TW Suspension Tech GP1 Classics Championship on the same grid (note: GE SBK Cup entrants also score points in the GP1 Classics in addition to their own class).   Not only are Bemoto's services a truly... Read More...
IMAGE Christmas Present from Mallory Park!
Following endless negotiations with the local Council, Mallory Park have managed to become allowed to stage THREE FULL NOISE DAYS in succession for just one event annually and only to whom they consider to be a responsible organiser with regard to sound policing. This has been awarded to ThundersportGB's June event at the venue for 2019 and means... Read More...
ThundersportGB is absolutely delighted to announce that Pipe Werx Motorcycle Exhausts will sponsor the series premier class after the top 3 championship winners all sported their fantastic products...     PIPE WERX GP1 ELITE       Pipe Werx Bikes are Manufacturers of High Quality Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhausts.   They manufacture motorcycle... Read More...
IMAGE GB Racing 600 Elite, 600 Sportsman & GBRacing British Military Inter-Services Championships 2019
Thundersport GB are delighted to announce GBRacing once again as continued sponsors of: The GBRacing British Military Inter-Services Championships and The GBRacing 600 Elite & 600 Sportsman Championships in 2019     GBRacing, the experts in premier motorcycle crash protection have supported Thundersport GB since inception and their name... Read More...
IMAGE A&R Racing Pre-National Sport & Continental 600 Freshman Championships
: A&R Racing Pre-National Sport 600 Continental Pre-National 600 Freshman   Thundersport GB are delighted to announce A&R Racing Services & Continental Tyres continue as 2019 title sponsors for: The Pre-National Sport & Freshman 600 Championships.   Continental Motorcycle Tyres have recently introduced a full range of  road... Read More...
IMAGE Monex Europe GP1 Sportsman & GP1 Cup in 2019
Monex Europe Continues Title Sponsorship of: GP1 Sportsman and GP1 Cup at ThundersportGB   Monex Europe – Europe’s leading commercial foreign exchange specialist. Based in the heart of the City of London, Monex Europe provides confidential, same day spot and forward foreign exchange contracts to a client base of FTSE-listed companies, large... Read More...
IMAGE TW Suspension Tech in association with ThundersportGB for 2019
TW Suspension Tech team up with ThundersportGB as official series sponsor & technical partner in 2019     TW Suspension Tech are proud to be supporting the Thundersport GB Paddock again during 2019, but this time they've upped the anti and become sponsors of The Golden Era Superbike Cup too!   Providing the paddock with professional... Read More...
ThundersportGB are delighted to announce that Blackbird Corporate is to stay on as series sponsor for Golden Era Supersport and Golden Era Steelsport grids in 2019!   Many thanks to CEO Lisa Foster and her great team...       Click on the ad for the ad! Read More...
IMAGE Dunlop & HMT Racing renew associations with ThundersportGB & Continue Sponsorship Of Thundersport500
Thundersport GB are delighted to announce DUNLOP and HMT Racing as Title Sponsors for The Thundersport500 Championships for 2019g   Mark Wright & Alex Platt of Holbeach Motorcycle Tyres, along with their fantastic team, ably assisted by Clinton (Harry) Howe of Dunlop Tyres are a regular and welcome feature of the Thundersport GB paddock,... Read More...
IMAGE 2018 Champions
ThundersportGB Champions 2018   It's been a long hard season for all competitors and really tight too... just 2 championships were decided at the penultimate round of 2018, the other 18 championships had to wait until the season finale! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR CHAMPIONS!Many thanks to Colin Port Images for the photographic constructionThese... Read More...


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BeMoto works with the leading UK underwriters and cater for a variety of insurance needs for any type of motorcycle, quad and trike - including modified, multi-bike, classics & scooters - they also offer fire & theft cover for SORN or non-road legal motorcycles in a garage, race van policies, personal accident products for biker injuries and travel repatriation for bike holidays and trackdays.



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